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My Fitness Journey 150+ Days In: How I Stay Happy And Focused

I'm happy to say I've been on a roll with my fitness routine since committing to it in February. But I'm finding that the longer I'm on this journey, the harder it gets. In some ways, I think it's because I'm constantly challenging myself. And that's definitely a good thing. But in other ways, the longer I'm doing this, the more I'm discovering new temptations. Some days I may find myself justifying why I should take a day off. If I think to myself, "oh you work out plenty, let yourself take a day off." One day off leads to another day off, and before you know it I've gone 10 days without working out! Yup, that happened last month...

Of course, regardless if I work out or not, I stay moving and I'm on my feet quite a lot. Between taking my dogs out on daily walks to working part-time on the floor as a sales associate, I'm basically on my feet several hours a day. Which like I said before, is a good thing. I also manage to get my steps in, according to my Fitbit. Although throughout the week it can vary from five thousand steps to twenty thousand steps. All good though.

My point I'm trying to make here is yes, I'm still on my fitness journey and I'm doing well, but I'm also human. I've had to take some days off from all the hustle to remind myself why I want this. I find that it's sometimes good to change it up. It's good to put yourself first in a different way; to challenge yourself with something new, and to reward yourself with a nice treat that's different from the usual. Doing so helps to awaken the senses. It refreshes everything for me. It's a way to reboot and start anew.

When I took some days off last month, I did so because mentally I was 150% preoccupied with something else. Focusing on my handbag business has provided me with so much excitement and fulfillment. During my days off from working out, I've managed to explore a lot creatively and as a result, I've managed to do a lot for my business. For instance, I'm excited to share that my handbag brand, Grip Handbags, is now available in SoHo at Dreams on Air Showroom. I am thrilled to be a part of their roster and I can't wait to see what comes out of it! All my stylist friends, editors, and bloggers - please visit the showroom if you're ever in the area and ask about Grip!

With all the new excitement taking place, it was easy for me to remain distracted. But when my mother returned from her trip (she holds me accountable every time), we made a much needed trip to the gym to get back on track. My first workout class after my ten day hiatus was phenomenal. I felt so energetic, and light, and competitive. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I didn't feel sluggish, I didn't feel achy. I was so happy. Most of all, I was ready and was able to push myself to enjoy a great sweat. Yes, that's right. A great sweat. Sweating is amazing and so therapeutic for me. Every time I do, I actually feel cleansed. My usual treat after an hour workout is a smoothie or a nice cold bowl of my favorite cereal with flax seeds. Yum!

And then the shower. Ahhhh. I was gifted a dry brush that I've been using to stimulate the skin, combat cellulite, and help detox the body. I love it and I look forward to it every day before a shower. Since using it a few weeks ago my skin feels so soft, and especially after a good sweat, it feels nice to brush the body from head to toe. Sticking with a self-care regime is just as important as sticking with a healthy workout routine. Don't you agree? I'll see you next month!



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