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Plant-Based Skincare Scientifically Proven To Replenish, Revitalize, and Rehydrate.

In today's blog post, I am happy to introduce Re:Beauty, a skincare company started by Marcela and a team of chemists. Marcela is the founder and CEO... aka Chief Encouragement Officer of Re:Beauty (which, let me just say, her official title is totally genius). Together Marcela and her team meticulously worked to formulate a line of plant-based products that assures every ingredient is high quality, safe, and remarkably effective. Sounds amazing? There's more..

Re:Beauty products are formulated to work on all skin types, and they're packaged in tubes that are travel friendly in size. And what I especially love about Re:Beauty is that all products are cruelty-free and tested on dermatologists, but never on animals. Best of all, the packaging that the skincare line comes in can be recycled! What's not to love?

Recently, when I was given the opportunity to test out the skincare line, I was beyond ecstatic because I remembered this brand from New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Their products were used backstage on all the models, and after learning that Re:Beauty is all natural and made in the USA, I couldn't pass it up (and Marcela is such an incredibly kind and down to earth person).

In addition, Re:Beauty also offers a unique business model to help female entrepreneurs support themselves selling products such as these that they love. It's a great way to build opportunities for women I think, and if you love these products it allows you to earn significant discounts from Re:Beauty and become a brand ambassador for the company. If you ever want to explore that side of the brand, be sure to visit Re:Beauty's website.

Their products are amazing. I sampled the creams a bit when I first received my package from Marcela. I couldn't help it; the packaging is so tempting. And after my shower, I couldn't wait to try these products in full and discover how effective they really are. I started with the Re:New cleanser, and then applied two drops of Re:Balance face oil. After completing these two steps alone, my skin felt super soft and looked noticeably radiant. I proceeded with the serum and then lastly applied Re:Hydrate face cream on my face as well as my neck. I felt so refreshed! I really appreciate that these products are also fragrant free. I tend to lean more towards fragrant-free products now-a-days because I have sensitive skin. Multiple products at once with different scents give me terrible headaches. Do you feel the same?

In short, I loved how clean and healthy I felt after applying Re:Beauty. The products are definitely part of my night time cleansing routine now. If you would like to try their products like I did, be sure to visit their website! And follow Marcela on Instagram!



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