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10 Things People Said To Me To Discourage Me, But I Didn't Listen.

It's funny how some things just stick with you. Even if you hear people say, don't let it eat you up inside. Somehow, the comments have a way of lingering.

Since entering the "real world" working for various companies and finishing up graduate school, I've confronted a fair share of discouraging comments. I mean, when you're a young pretty girl... It seems as though you have a target on your back the entire time. Sadly. But most of all, when you're honestly working hard to prove yourself, hearing those degrading words can be a deal-breaker and make you want to question everything. Even outside of work, when it gets personal...

However, as wounding as these comments may have been, I pushed myself to become more. To prove those nay-sayers wrong; in fact, their negativity and shallow criticisms became a motivator for me. Because after all, I know I'm better then that, and I sure am not stopping now. I'm just getting started.

So with that said, here are ten (real) things people said to me to discourage me, but I didn't listen.

1. "People never make it in fashion. Look at what happened to L'Wren Scott." Dear Lord.

2. "To get hired somewhere, you need to put at least 40 hours in applications or else you'll never make it." Said the career advisor... Thanks.

3. "You're doing it all wrong. If you don't hire me, your business is going to fail. Trust me on this, honey." So, 'honey,' you want me to hire you so you can make me feel bad? Smh. Yeah, right.

4. "Are you on drugs?" Yes. Somebody said this to me. And the reason? For starting my own business two years ago.

5. "Pretty girls never make it in the business world; they're distractions." So, whatever happened to Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, and Michelle Obama...? F*** you. Sorry not sorry.

6. "Did you just get punched in the face?" Because I was babysitting six rowdy four-year-old boys at a house party for entertainment execs... Gee, I must have taken my job seriously, and looked tired or something?

7. "You may have pretty teeth and hair, but that only gets you so far." Let's reiterate #5.

8. "Eh, I'd rate you about a 7.5 in bed..." This was a first date. And, I walked out right after that. What a loser!

9. "Details, Danielle. Details." It's always the intern's fault...

10. "Thank you for applying to (XYZ). We have received your application, and although you have excellent credentials, unfortunately, we have decided to go with a candidate with more experience." When I get this automated message (probably read over 100 by now), I literally want to throw my phone through the window. It's so impersonal. And listen, I've been hustling since I was 17 years old, and I have over six years worth of internships / work experience. My LinkedIn profile proves it. What more do you want from an entry-level candidate? Smh.



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