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What To Bring With You When He Asks You To Stay Over His Place.

A little bit of dating 101 anyone? My opening photo will make a lot more sense if you keep on reading.

I know the feeling. Dating can be so mentally draining. And honestly, it's work. I'm pretty sure 8 times out of 10, dating is a pain because we're constantly worrying. We're worrying about how the conversation is going to go, we're worrying about first impressions, we're worrying about our outfit, or if we're smelling good. The list goes on. However, what I discovered is that with the right back-ups, dating can turn into a wonderful and enjoyable adventure.

So what do I mean by "back-ups" you ask?

By back-ups, I mean secret weapons every woman needs, especially in the dating scene. Secret weapons that are truly life savors because they save so much worry.

So there's this one back-up I swear by and I'm going to tell you all about it because I'm that obsessed with this particular product; actually it's more like a miracle. I think everyone needs to store this in their bathroom and every girl needs to carry the travel size version in her bag when she's on the go. It's for dignity. It's for cleanliness. It's for dating success. It's truly a secret weapon.

So, for instance. What do you bring with you when he asks you to stay over his place? You bring Poo Pourri Glitzy Spritz. That's my ultimate secret weapon. It's an on the go refillable sprayer. It holds 10mL of Poo Pourri toilet spray. You might be thinking now ew, toilet spray? But, I'm telling you carrying around a toilet spray may be the unconventional answer, but it sure is handy to have around. Trust me, you have no idea until you're actually in his bathroom and you're thinking, oh s***. When you have it with you, then you realize how amazing it is. And then you start to ask yourself how you've survived all this time without it?! That is the truth.

With your fabulous Poo Pourri Glitzy Spritz, all you need to do is fill it up with your favorite Poo Pourri scent. It's such a stylish way to take Poo Pourri around wherever you go because it doesn't look anything like a toilet spray. It could pass for a lipstick or a perfume bottle. The best thing about it is that it's discreet!! You don't need to worry about people noticing what it is. Each refill lasts up to 20 uses. That's 20 potentially successful date nights, and possibly morning afters. You never know. Can you tell I'm freaking out right now? It's such a genius invention. So pick up one now while it's still fresh in your mind at Poo Pourri.



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