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"I never faced an obstacle that made me weaker." Danielle Marie

It's Danielle Marie is a blog and influential platform formed by myself, Danielle Marie. As a designer and entrepreneur, I aim to share my perspective on what it’s like to live with a disability through my own shared experiences and celebrate diversity in fashion and lifestyle through original content. Born with severe hearing loss in both my ears, I decided to turn my ultimate weakness into an admirable  strength. Supporting topics like mental health, wellness, food, travel, product reviews, self-care, personal style, sustainability, and relationships, I want to awaken your senses by standing up to “blogger perfection,” and pushing for more authenticity, individuality, and inclusion in an otherwise seemingly picture-perfect world.


Purpose: Through my blog, I hope to make others understand that ‘dis-abled’ really just means ‘differently-abled.” People can become uncomfortable with realities and/or conditions that are unfamiliar to them (I get it). But if we can familiarize others with realities like disabilities (both physical and invisible), then we can change the whole landscape and stigma around it as well. My mission is to “awaken the senses” of my audience - to encourage others to learn from and tune into other perspectives that may be different from their own. Danielle Marie was created to be a safe and positive space to share my story, experiences, and original content in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media. As I challenge myself to awaken my own senses, I hope my content encourages others to join me in challenging themselves, too.


Vision: I envision a world where people’s imperfections and differences are embraced and celebrated. A world that uses less filters and shares more honest thoughts and opinions. I want to see more diversity in spaces like fashion and lifestyle, filled with every kind of role model - particularly role models with disabilities. And I see the It's Danielle Marie brand contributing to and driving that movement. I believe that the “unfiltered” parts of life (the parts we don’t always like to share) are just as real and necessary as the “filtered” parts of it (i.e. everything that appears picture perfect). I believe in making ‘different’ and ‘honest’ beautiful things to be shared. I believe that physical and invisible disabilities deserve a chance to shine. I believe in promoting diversity while staying true to who we are and sharing experiences for others to learn from and enjoy as well.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you decide to support this journey! Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have. I'd love to get to know you and hear your story, too.

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